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Smarte Outdoor-Beleuchtung für den Garten

Smart outdoor lighting for the garden

Smart outdoor lighting for the garden

Silke, 9/4/2021

Your smart garden

Smart and cozy outdoor lighting adds a pleasant flair to the garden and offers great options for a pretty ambience outdoors during a long summer evening with friends or family. Smart home users in particular, who already rave about smart lighting control within their own four walls, will be delighted with the countless benefits outdoors as well.

The outdoor season has started again. Temperatures are slowly rising and spring is on its way. It's the perfect time to sit outside comfortably in the backyard with the family, grilling and relaxing. Most likely we will all be spending the summer at home. Corona will likely continue to not allow travel.

It's an optimal time to transform your backyard into a smart feel-good oasis, so that wanderlust can be satisfied in the comfort of your own home. A cosy garden or a warmly lit terrace can be very similar to an evening at the beach.

Just let our options inspire you.

To optimize your garden for the outdoor season, we offer smart garden lights, for a pleasant and cozy flair outdoors. Transform your garden into a smart garden and change the lighting mood with smart lamps and smart lights. You can easily connect the lighting elements with Bluetooth technology or with Wifi technology and operate them with Google Assistant or with Alexa. A simple smartphone is also all you need to use the smart home products, you don't even need a separate smart home hub. Alternatively, you can also use our smart outdoor plug LEDVANCE SMART+ OUTDOOR WIFI PLUG, to which you can connect your existing garden appliances and lighting systems.

Light is indispensable

Light has served as an indispensable energy source of inspiration for all creative people for many hundreds of years. It has a huge impact on us as humans, but more importantly, on our mood and on our activities in everyday life.

In addition, a warm light ambience in your outdoor area serves, for example, to relax and unwind. What is possible with light and how you can use your outdoor lighting smart, we present to you with our LEDVANCE Smart Home products.

LEDVANCE SMART + OUTDOOR WIFI PLUG makes the garden smart

With the LEDVANCE SMART+ OUTDOOR WIFI PLUG, you can turn all of your regular garden appliances into user-optimized smart home products. Our smart home product integrates all conventional electrical appliances into compatible smart home systems for every technology lover. Connecting your electrical devices works easily through a standard wall outlet. Simply connect your lights as well as your other outdoor devices to the Smart Plug and then you can turn them on and off and control them conveniently via Wifi technology. Alternatively, you can of course use Google Home as well as the Alexa voice assistant to control them.

So you can conveniently connect your garden decoration lights to the LEDVANCE SMART+ OUTDOOR WIFI PLUG and then easily control them from the dining table while having a cozy barbecue with your friends or family. Stay seated while you regulate your decorative lighting in your garden or on your patio. Both your friends and family members will be delighted and inspired by the smart outdoor lighting. Enjoy your grilled steak, chat with your loved ones and appreciate the cozy ambiance with pleasant outdoor lamps and lights.

SMART+ WIFI NEON FLEX 3M for the right lighting ambience

Our SMART+ WIFI NEON FLEX 3M are three or five meter long smart LED light strips, which you can easily connect via Wifi technology. The light strips offer you a very wide choice with up to 16 million different colours, are easy to install and very user-friendly in use - a classic smart home product. The smart garden lights are also dimmable, so you can adapt them to the daylight outside.

So equip your garden, terrace or balcony with smart LED light strips and set up your own light scenes as well as schedules for fully automated outdoor lighting. The scheduler can be set up and adjusted smartly via your mobile device or via a corresponding smart home system. Set up your scheduler from the comfort of your sofa to have a pleasantly bright light in your garden in the evening. This way, you can relax in your already illuminated garden directly after your stressful everyday life in the early evening and spend time with your loved ones.

A motion detector is also integrated for your safety. If strangers gain unwanted access to your property, the light strips will be activated and your garden will be fully illuminated, so that unwanted people quickly recoil.

Who offers you these smart products for the garden?

LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading suppliers of general lighting to lighting professionals and consumers. We offer our customers a diverse selection of LED lights, advanced smart lamps and smart lights, and intelligent smart home and smart building solutions.

Our mission is to constantly evolve light. In the age of digitalisation, we want to completely redefine the role of light.