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Authentic, versatile, uncomplicated - the Vintage Edition 1906 combines retro design with modern technology.

Proven products, many innovations, one philosophy: The Vintage Edition 1906 from LEDVANCE breathes new life into historical lamp and luminaire shapes. The result: real design highlights. Modern paired with efficient LED lighting technology. Stylish lamps and lights with which you can achieve a stylish retro style in your home. Do not limit your creativity. And put your lighting at the center of your home.






High quality products are designed with dedication and attention to detail. This applies in particular to the Vintage Edition 1906. Oriented to a timeless design language, light shows its most beautiful side with classic lamps such as Globe, Edison, Oval and Tubular.

As beautiful as it used to be, but also individual and flexible for today's creative people: charming industrial aesthetics and highly efficient technology. Authentic, versatile, uncomplicated.

The PenduLum luminaire in minimalist industrial design combines aesthetics with functionality. The puristic shape made of satin aluminum in gold or black gives the lamps Edison, Globe, Oval and Tubular style. The combination with different lampshades and the use of the pull rope system for suspension result in countless variations.

Sophisticated lighting technology LED or halogen combines classic, traditional values with modern properties such as energy efficiency, durability and light quality.t.

Vintage 1906® PenduLum Black
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OSRAM Vintage 1906® Globe LED 5 W/2000K E27
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LEDVANCE Vintage Edition 1906, Lampenschirm Cup Schwarz&Gold, Zur Erweiterung Ihrer LEDVANCE Pendulum Leuchte, IP20, Aluminiumgehäuse
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